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Computer Peace of Mind begins here!

The CompuPeace Team


Preston May

Vice President

"At CompuPeace, our clients are not just our valued customers, you are family! My belief is that if we perform our job as if we were doing it for one of our loved family members, then not only will we have a happy customer, we will have gained a friend as well!"


Todd Lindström


"We started this company to provide computer peace of mind one relationship at a time. Our intention is to keep it this way for our client's benefit as we grow."


Beth May


"Peace of mind...a feeling of being safe or protected.  It's about more than smoothly working technology.  It's about caring enough to find out what would bring that peace of mind to each individual client and making it happen."

"Hey, let's go play on the Commodore VIC20 and pretend we run a business!"

Best friends since childhood, Todd and Preston had a dream to run their own company together when they grew up.  Fast forward to today, CompuPeace is the fruit of that dream which our valued clients can benefit from.
Here's to computer peace of mind!


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