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Computer Peace of Mind begins here.

Support Plan

Computer peace of mind is what we offer with our Residential Support Plan.  A simple phone call, an email, or even a text can have us come to you and/or remote in to support you in any way needed.

It's like having your own personal IT guy at your fingertips,

Support Plan

The last thing you want to do when running a business is to worry about your workstations, servers and network administration.  

Let CompuPeace show you just how worry free your business can be.

PC & Laptop

Did your computer just stop working? Broken laptop screen? Virus infection? Or maybe you just want a new solid state hard drive installed with more memory to give new life to that old computer.

We are here for all your computer needs!

One Time
Remote Support

Need our help now?  Simply click on the icon above and we will get you fixed right up!

  • Slow PC - Over time, your PC can slow down from unnecessary apps (programs) runnning in the background and automatically starting when you boot into Windows or MacOS. Temporary files are constantly stored on your PC when you install software and surf the web. CompuPeace can optimize start ups, remove unneeded temp files and caches, to give back your PC the speed you are used to.
  • Virus Removal - Viruses are found all over the Internet and can be very difficult to remove. CompuPeace is here to remove these viruses/malware and provide you with ways to keep virus and malware infections at bay. 
  • Error Messages - Software is not perfect and files can become corrupt, drivers outdated or missing. CompuPeace will find the root of the problem so that you can once again work uninterrupted and have Computer Peace of Mind!
  • Hardware issues - Sometimes an issue can go beyond your software or operating system. We can diagnose your PC and correct hardware issues you may have. 
  • Other - We have barely touched on what CompuPeace can do for you. Whether you are a 1 PC owner or a large business with many workstations and servers, we are here to keep you up and running hassle free.  Our motto is "Computer Peace of Mind." Let us show you just what that means.

Sometimes CompuPeace, LLC will refurbish Laptops and Desktops or other items and place them in our online store at a discounted price for our customers.  If you find the store is empty, this only means we do not have anything at the moment so check back now and then to see if anything new has been listed.  

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